Prof. Philippe Renaud

Scientific Director for the Center of MicroNano Technology, EPFL

Prof. Renaud’s main research area is related to micronano technologies in biomedical applications (BioMEMS) with emphasis on cell-chips, nanofluidics and bioelectronics.  He and his group have developed new methods in flow cytometry and cell sorting based dielectric properties of the cells. They also study micro-bioreactors for on-chip co-culture of cells in drug screening and toxicology applications.  In parallel he works on bioelectronic implants for neural recordings and stimulation, biomechanical sensors for eye pressure or articular implants. Prof. Renaud is active in several scientific committees (scientific journals, international conferences, scientific advisory boards, PhD thesis committees). He is also a co-founder of the Nanotech-Montreux conference. He is also is committed to validating basic research through his involvement in several high-tech start-up companies.